ion cannon multimedia studios

The first video in our new media series has arrived! Learn to mic a guitar cab in under a minute:

Ion Cannon Studios LLC is a multimedia production studio focusing heavily on all things audio as well as other ventures, such as video game production. Chris Karlsrud is the owner and creative force behind the company, both running his recording studio in Atlanta (since moving on from his successful Brooklyn-based "Frequency Forge") and programming various video game and software projects. While electronica and hip-hop production are frequent Ion Cannon endeavors, metal, rock, and more metal will be the primary genres of contribution for Ion Cannon Studios. With nearly two decades of guitar playing experience, an arsenal of one-of-a-kind guitars, and the most coveted of amps, Chris Karlsrud and Ion Cannon Studios will consistently deliver new and fresh sound packs to enhance your productions.


We are located in New York City. Email for information and bookings.